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13 x 19 print, matted to 18 x 24 frame. Outside dimension of the frame is 22 x 28. The frame is solid cherry, with joined and glued corners. For more info on my frames, click here.

If you are near Statesville, NC and want to pick up the framed picture, contact me to arrange it. Pickup price is 89.00 plus tax.

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​Kissing the Face of God

A line in the Mark Lowry song, Mary, Did You Know, is “And when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God.” That line became the inspiration for this painting. In searching for a reference image, I found a beautiful photograph by a Utah photographer, Suzy Oliveira. Her photograph "Mary Kissing Baby Jesus," (used by permission) was the primary reference for this painting. In creating my own idea for the painting, I chose to use a dark background with blacks and grays to represent the ostracism Mary faced. She was seen as an immoral woman and was despised by the society of her day.  It is also a forward look to the suffering Jesus was to face as the Lamb of God. The reason for the purple cloth the child is wrapped in is to demonstrate that he was born as the King of Kings.

8 x 10 print

$12.00 (plus shipping)

13 x 19 print

$24.00 (plus shipping)