The finished frame, a thing of beauty itself. Properly finished wood cannot be matched by any kind of artificial product.

This is a view of an 11 x 14 frame in the clamps. It will stay overnight to assure the glue is fully cured.


My frames are solid cherry with glued and jointed corners, not just staples and pins. 

Solid cherry, no veneers, nothing artificial. As you can see, my corners are not pinned together like most picture frames. They are joined together and glued in place. Remember, I do fine art and fine woodworking. My frames are the same. I also like to make a simple frame that shows the grain of the wood. It's the perfect enhancement to fine art.

​​Dana Roseman Fine Art

​& Fine Woodworking

Another view of the same pieces. When I glue the corners, glue squeezes out. I don't want anything coming apart.