​​Dana Roseman Fine Art

​& Fine Woodworking

About Dana

I showed an early interest in art, so, at the age of 8, my parents enrolled me in art lessons for the summer. That lasted for 4 summers. After that, other than an art class in high school and a few seminars, I have not had formal art training.

I blundered forward, experimenting and testing until I found a style, techniques and subjects that work for me. Many of my blunders have found their way to the county landfill. As I have learned, I have had more hits than misses.

I enjoy painting portraits, animals, especially horses and subject matter that relates to my faith.

I first got serious about woodworking at 16. My first woodworking shop was in a converted stall in the family barn. Dad pointed out an unused area that I could use. I saved up money, paid to have electricity run to the shop and started buying tools. I still have the first piece of furniture I designed and built.

Where I really learned woodworking was working for two companies that excelled at custom woodworking, Statesville Fixture Corp. and Blanton and Moore.

From there I moved into management at two different furniture manufacturing plants. In the mid-eighties, furniture manufacturing began to move overseas. In 1989, seeing the trend and the need to specialize, I build my current shop and studio where I design and build custom furniture and cabinetry as well as paint in oils.